Grow Outside The Box Using Non-QM


We recently hosted a webinar for NAMMBA that we are proud to share. Angel Oak’s John Wise, Regional Sales Manager, presented “Grow Outside the Box Using Non-QM.”  Non-QM lending has made a significant impact in the industry and we have achieved phenomenal growth with our innovative products. All we do is non-QM and our success with it makes us clear leaders in the space!

John makes an excellent point that all of us in the mortgage industry share a common bond – helping people become homeowners. Without non-QM, a significant number of creditworthy borrowers would not be able to qualify for a loan. Even with documentation proving the ability to repay the loan. That’s where we come in with alternative mortgage solutions to help. 

Listen to the webinar and learn more about our path to leadership in the space and HOW you can grow utilizing non-QM. Then contact us to get started. We will walk you through every step of the process. You will see why we have so much repeat business. Saving deals using non-QM results in happy clients who are very likely to pass on referrals.