Jen Du Plessis interviews Tom Hutchens

From Jen Du Plessis:

In this episode, I chat with Tom Hutchens, the Executive Vice President of Production at Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions, a non-QM lender. Angel Oak operates across the country in 44 states and has found its niche in serving by helping loan officers to explore new opportunities to grow their business with unique wholesale lending solutions.

“Tom explains the difference between QM (qualified mortgage) vs. non-QM (applicants that do not fill the strict requirements) loans, and what companies who choose not to offer non-QM loans are missing out because of their risk aversion. Tom shares what he has learned in the past six years that has led to his strategy for success and how this has formed the basis for moving his company forward. Two key areas that Tom focuses on are awareness and education. We take a look at why loan officers are hesitant to take on non-QM loans, how Tom overcomes these objections, and the biggest mistakes loan officers make when they first start out in this space. Tune in to find out some of Tom’s most popular products and why there is tremendous growth potential in this area (and how to get in on it)!”