Sell Value, Not Rates, To Increase Performance

September 20, 2019

Top producers get their clients to feel a sense of urgency about financing a home sooner rather than later. To succeed in a competitive marketplace, the best loan officers get each client to understand that the overall value of buying NOW—to that person or couple—will never be better.

You can’t do that if the buyer is focused mainly on interest rates. The interest rate should only be one factor in deciding the time is right to buy a home. That is especially true in today’s market, where interest rates remain relatively low and steady as inventory of both new homes and resales is getting tighter every month.

“When people call, the first thing they want to talk about is interest rates,” one broker told me. “I have to tell them upfront that we do not sell interest rates. I offer high-quality mortgage products that enable people to acquire homes they love to live in and that will grow in value over the years.”

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